Conversation dot show 20  20album 20art 20  20v 20small is a revival of the lost art of conversation: not composed, real-time, sometimes serious, often not. Esther, Jered, and an occasional guest talk about the mundane, the weird and sometimes find a gem.

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    You really had me pegged...

    Jered and Esther discuss YouTube algorithms, age discrepancies, and pegging. Jered discovers he is an affable curmudgeon. Esther creates haikus and is deemed easily influencable. A call for listeners to try and secretly influence Esther via Jered. Jered makes a public service announcement about overhead lighting.

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    Booty Shorts and a Lumberjack Shirt

    Jered and Esther discuss bolut, elephants, and ayahuasca. Bachelor update- Hometowns! Esther brings up the topic of hot jobs and we discover there aren’t any. Jered is annoyed with Esther’s Haiku prowess. An intimidator is apprehended in the neighborhood.

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    Culottes and Karate Thongs

    Jered shaves his head. Jered and Esther discuss phone shaming. Esther has a scientific discussion about the difference between alligators and crocodiles. Jered discusses what he wears under his karate gear and distracts Esther with his legs. Jered and Esther learn all about phenylalanine, phenylketonuriacs, and folks who make baby formula with Diet Coke (hypothesis).

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    Grindr the Wise

    Jered and Esther explore the ancient Chinese art of nose reading. Jered is determined to prove to Esther that she does, in fact, have a phone voice. Several callers help us out. Esther and Jered discuss 80’s sitcoms, including such favorites as Perfect Strangers, Rags to Riches, Are you Being Served, American Gladiators, and The Get Along Gang. Jered suggests we start a challenge segment and we explore dating apps. Esther almost joins Scruff. Jered talks her down.

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    Three Stars

    Jered and Esther visit the Inn at Little Washington and enjoy a delightful, and unusual dinner. Jered discusses his new favorite tv show. Esther gets excited about a spike in downloads.

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    Too old for my mom, too young for my grandma

    Jered and Esther discuss an unusual intravenous therapy for back pain. Jered learns about Esther’s love of nice hands. Esther mistakes Tom Selleck for Burt Reynolds. Jered and Esther ponder aspirational condom sizing. Bonus: easy chicken wing sauce recipe. Trigger warning: may contain corn, gluten, latex.

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    Parcel People

    Jered and Esther lose some garlic stuffed olives. Esther has a theory about her head size and its impact on memory. It’s our Pod-iversary!! Jered’s mom delights and amazes with her linguistic idiosyncrasies. Jered and Esther discuss Olaf from the gym. Also, Jered loves butter.

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    Pepperoni Panties

    Jered discusses talent and what it means (we resist the urge to mention the many, many talents of our favorite listener). Esther loses a chili cook off by not winning. Jered and Esther profile Santas. Jered takes Esther to Lidl and they discover that calzone also means panty, in Spanish. Somebody start our wiki page, please and thanks. Hi Shane.

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    Hentai Cheetohs

    Jered and Esther mourn the loss of clicky-clacky dog. Jered helps mansplain the difference between FORTRAN and 4chan. Esther suggests Jered might be a creepy poll worker. Esther summons the dark nut lord and survives. Jered takes the neighborhood children to a football game and leaves his credit card at a bar for 10 days. Hi Shane.

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    Pinot Nacho

    Jered and Esther discuss Thanksgiving preferences and Jered lies. Esther discusses the appropriate day to begin showing Christmas Spirit. Jered gets excited about a week off from the gym. Jered and Esther discuss non-vegan wines.

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