Conversation dot show 20  20album 20art 20  20v 20small is a revival of the lost art of conversation: not composed, real-time, sometimes serious, often not. Esther, Jered, and an occasional guest talk about the mundane, the weird and sometimes find a gem.

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    Pepperoni Panties

    Jered discusses talent and what it means (we resist the urge to mention the many, many talents of our favorite listener). Esther loses a chili cook off by not winning. Jered and Esther profile Santas. Jered takes Esther to Lidl and they discover that calzone also means panty, in Spanish. Somebody start our wiki page, please and thanks. Hi Shane.

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    Hentai Cheetohs

    Jered and Esther mourn the loss of clicky-clacky dog. Jered helps mansplain the difference between FORTRAN and 4chan. Esther suggests Jered might be a creepy poll worker. Esther summons the dark nut lord and survives. Jered takes the neighborhood children to a football game and leaves his credit card at a bar for 10 days. Hi Shane.

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    Pinot Nacho

    Jered and Esther discuss Thanksgiving preferences and Jered lies. Esther discusses the appropriate day to begin showing Christmas Spirit. Jered gets excited about a week off from the gym. Jered and Esther discuss non-vegan wines.

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    Vegan Machismo

    Jered camps with a group of 28 year olds and gets a talking to by the park ranger. Esther bakes a lot of bread and gives it away awkwardly. Jered and Esther consider instituting adult merit badges. Esther and Jered discuss Football Americain, Vegan Machismo, and CBD oil.

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    Tater Tits

    Jered investigates a fallen tree. Esther tries to get a saucy license plate. Jered and Esther discuss where they would travel if they had only 4 days for vacation. Turns out we’re still hemispherists. We decide to go on a hunger strike until our listeners send us feedback. Folks, please cook your cruciferous veggies. Also, Hi Shane.

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    Vile Vials

    Jered drives around in a fancy electric car with an amazing roof and a frunk. Esther creates a new kind of hammock chair for her future renovated porch. Jered and Esther discuss their least favorite scents, DJ Khaled’s new furniture line, and the end of summer vacation.

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    The Back Porch Episode

    Jered zooms around down on his boosted board. Esther makes a dessert that might be Stretch Armstrong’s brother. Jered and Esther ponder all the people who can never know about the show. We say hi to Shane 4 times.

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    Welcome to St. Thomas

    Jered and Esther sail the 7 seas... or maybe just the Caribbean Sea, but we had a ton of fun!

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    Tantastic Vanity

    Jered and Esther level up in the world of tanning. Esther learns to shoot a compound bow at Adventure Camp. Jered hopes level 6 tanning won’t melt him into someone who looks like Trey Gowdy. Esther hopes the pin prickly sensation is not deathly radiation.

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    Supernumerary Nips

    Jered and Esther discuss retirement plans. Jered waxes poetic about Disney. Esther makes a case for dying first. Red wine velvet cake, chocolate ice cream, Cub Scout camp and fun times on the back porch

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