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A conversation between Jered and Esther. The things we find interesting and the conversation that ensues, usually over a glass of wine.

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    She worked in a vinegar factory

    Jered and Esther host their first guests while watching the Opening Cermonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Clayton does voices. Cally discusses her diverse employment history. Esther explains why she didn’t get an MBA. Jered mostly eats Oreos and laughs.

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    Truly outrageous

    Jered plugs in the switchboard. Esther does voices. We ponder therapeutic peacocks, Valentine’s Day, and holograms. Outrageous.

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    The one with the dogs

    Jered wants to visit Japan (for the bidets). Esther buys maple donuts. Really old and historically significant grandpas.

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    Golden milk

    Esther tries golden milk. Jered hides behind pillows. We swear.

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    They’re broken people

    Esther knits. Jered complains about how much cookies are baked. The kids are out of school from a snow storm.

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    And they ate flies together

    Esther talks about her hobbies. We debate baked goods. Jered starts making pasta. What defines cooking?