Conversation dot show 20  20album 20art 20  20v 20small is a revival of the lost art of conversation: not composed, real-time, sometimes serious, often not. Esther, Jered, and an occasional guest talk about the mundane, the weird and sometimes find a gem.

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    Vicarious Panty Disorder (VPD)

    Jered and Esther spend some time with top friends of the show, Kristi, Stacee, Matt, and John. We discuss combovers, parallel life narratives, spicy foods, and that ever-troubling panty-snatching Aunt Gail (whose strengths will be discussed in a future episode). Special bonus: Matt pronounces Karaoke.

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    The $800 Episode

    Jered and Esther debate the concept of dress shorts. Jered books a fancy dinner and Esther can’t stop saying “Oh my!” Esther bakes muffins, again.

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    Shame tumblr

    Esther rants about gym jerks who back into spots when it’s busy, while her Insta feed is taken over by Japanese ads. Jered contemplates buying a metric ton of poppy seeds before they are banned. Jered and Esther discuss Jered’s fabulous graduation surprise...that Jered has already forgotten about. Yum/Yuck Love/Loathe. A jingle!

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    Fourth generation drop shippers

    Esther bakes a red wine velvet cake to celebrate Jered and Shane’s anticlimactic degree completion. Jered discusses the wonders of modern retail. Jered and Esther discuss listener feedback!

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    Jered’s naughty dream corner

    Jered and Esther talk about going to the gym and being hungry. Esther learns that two kids can have the same name and not be the same person, or have the same parents. Jered discusses his tattoo and his dreams. Esther interviews for Jered’s replacement (in her dreams). Yum/Yuck/Love/Loathe.

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    Pavlova’s Dog

    Esther is plagued by a throat tickle, Jered learns all about Russian Ballerinas who have desserts named after them, Jered and Esther almost run over a bald eagle.

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    The Artistic Spectrum

    Jered drives Esther to the mountains of North Carolina. Esther and Jered interview Preston and Rob, their gracious spring break hosts. We talk about art, fanny packs, school uniforms, and Preston’s true worth (spoiler alert: $575).

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    Things I’ve baked this week

    Jered lists all the shows he ever remembers watching as a kid. Esther discusses the things she baked this week. Jered and Esther get a little serious about social media and technology. Also, German-dubbed Beverly Hills 90210. You’re welcome.

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    Roasted cauliflower ear

    Bayside Barbie rants about recipes. Jered discusses his year as a basketball manager. Jered and Esther renew their commitment not to review media on the show. Also, cauliflower ear.

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    Impossible bananas

    Jered learns he has created memories of ice skating. Esther ponders the health risks of too many Cavendish bananas. Jered and Esther commit to Karaoke on the cruise.

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